Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Whitney Port: Sued Over Fashion Line

While Whitney Port’s design career is taking off in stores, on the runway and on-screen, she may have hit her first major hiccup — a lawsuit filed by designer Adrienne Baravetto, who claims she helped Port design and launch her line (then called Eve & A) starting in 2007. As first reported by, Baravetto alleges she had an oral agreement with Port and her father, including a $80,000 yearly salary plus a 25 percent stake in the company. Baravetto also alleges that she did virtually all the design work and that the Ports haven’t paid her a dime. Port’s lawyer Michael A. Taitelman tells PEOPLE, “The lawsuit that Adrienne Baravetto filed on March 19, 2010 against Whitney Eve, Inc., Whitney Port and others regarding the Whitney Eve clothing line is baseless and without merit. Whitney Port is, and always has been, the designer of Whitney Eve. Baravetto worked for Whitney Eve for a short period of time ending in early 2008. For more than two years, she has been silent. For reasons that we will uncover, she has decided to make these unsubstantiated allegations at this time. The defendants will vigorously defend themselves, and upon the successful conclusion of this lawsuit in their favor, they intend to hold Baravetto and her counsel accountable for their reckless conduct.” Says Baravetto’s attorney Peter Maretz, “Ms. Baravetto did the heavy lifting for these designs and she just wants to get paid fairly.”
credit - People


  1. whitney is smart and talented lady, period...
    this lady just wants attention.. bitch!
    only oral agreement??? wtf!!!
    whit your fans will support you all the way! :)

  2. Sorry, but I remember seeing and reading about this when it was first announced Whitney was going to have a clothing line.

    In fact when I heard it was debuting I searched under Eve & A, because that's what it was originally called.

    Oral agreement is a contract, and I saw them talking about this on TV together, so lots of people saw their oral agreement as they spoke about working together in the media.

    Without merit is the lawyer term for "We will settle out of court because the girl is right and the Ports won't want the bad publicity". She will and should get paid.

    This is nothing personal against Whitney as a person, but what this girl is saying is true.