Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Who is Zach Hyman?

Since we're going to be seeing a lot more of Zach on 'The City' (he'll be dating Roxy Olin on the show) I thought you guys might like to learn a little more about him.
Zach was born and raised in Northern California with his younger brother, Adam, by his Mom Dad, Lynn and Alan. His childhood was full of love, life, and support from friends and family. Zach always wanted to be a spaceman, which may have developed as a testament to his father, but in turn caused him to have a pretty wild imagination. At age seven he moved to Houston, Texas, and then relocated to Philadelphia at age 14.
He was always attracted to theater for the excitement and attention, and after graduating high-school in Pennsylvania he decided to attend North Carolina School of the Arts for Conservatory Training in the Theater Arts. After two years and the gracious gift of 50,000 dollars of tuition from his parents; Zach decided to drop out and pursue his other passion, photography. Zach's dreams of being a spaceman were about to come true, but in a much different manner.
Zach did not fly around the planet, or go to the moon but his journey has been more than cosmic. New York City has allowed this young photographer to burst into his own. In only two short years he's managed to land work with Patrick McMullan, Peter Hurley, Sesame Street Workshop, and other independent clients. This is all well and good, and Zach takes the utmost pride in his work, but his real passion is to expand and evolve his own creations.
Zach likes to, bike, go to the beach, and drink a really cold beer on a hot day. He likes to play...a lot. He likes women...a lot. But most of all, the thing he could never mention too many times, he Loves his Mom, Dad, Brother, and his cat, Falafel.
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Click here to can check out his photography site - warning nudity is involved.

Fast forward to 1:09 into the video


  1. I read about him in the news, thanks for posting this!