Thursday, April 15, 2010

How Stephanie Pratt Hides Her "Cellulite"

Stephanie Pratt has a few tricks to look good in a bikini.
"Sally Hansen's Sparkle Legs -- like the Airbrush Legs," the bathing-suit clad Hills star told at her 25th birthday party at TAO in Las Vegas Sunday.
"You spray it and mix it with lotion and your legs look perfect," she added. "It's, like, the best trick ever."
Her tip? "Get the one that already has color in it, though. It's amazing. It totally hides cellulite and everything!"
Still, she works hard for her body.
"I love doing the stairs. Sit ups. I thinks that's the easiest thing to do every morning and every night," she told Us of her workout.
It doesn't hurt that she keeps gym equipment right next to her TV.
"And I have an elliptical machine in my living room, so that's what I'll do," she explained. "So even if I have only 10 minutes, I'll hop on it, like, barefoot and just get 10 minutes in."
credit - Us Weekly

Click here to see photos of Stephanie at her Tao Beach birthday bash

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