Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jayde Nicole: Beautiful at Beso

Enjoying a night out with the gals, Jayde Nicole was spotted out at Beso restaurant in Hollywood, California on Wednesday (April 14).
Joined by a few lady friends, the Playboy beauty looked casual sexy in jeans shorts, red heels and a tank top reading "I Love My Boyfriend".
credit - Gossip Center, zimbio

Earlier in the day Jayde was at a photoshoot for Primp
she tweeted:
"Wow what an insane shoot! Now off 2 get ready 4 @draishollywood w/all my sexy ladies!"


  1. Love the pics. Would love to know more about this Jesse Waits, but who ever he is, he sure is making Jayde Nicole happy!

  2. Just read about Jayde Nicole's new guy, Jesse Waits. He seems like an amazing guy! Way to go Jayde!

  3. i want to see a picture of this Jesse guy who is he??

  4. Kelli did a post on Jesse. Check it out below

  5. She is strikingly pretty and she hasn't had any plastic surgery. That makes her unique imo.
    She is also funny and wicked smart.

  6. Several posts have been deleted. I'm not much for censorship but calling people names and being hateful is not OK in my book. If you don't care for a particular girl, move on to the next thread. Thank you!

  7. google him!!! hes a business man, doing somethin with clubs, managing etc...
    ps: love the pics, beautiful as usual!!!:)xx