Friday, April 16, 2010

Kristin Cavallari and Audrina Patridge: Chanel Shoppers

Pairing up for afternoon filming obligations, Audrina Patridge ventured out shopping with Kristin Cavallari in Los Angeles on Thursday (April 15).
With both MTV reality starlets looking lovely, the duo made their way to a string of local shops including the always-popular Chanel boutique.
Earlier in the day, Miss Patridge teamed up with fellow "Hills" co-stars Lauren Bosworth and Stephanie Pratt to shoot scenes at a Los Angeles park.
Meanwhile, Kristin took to her Twitter account to voice her happiness about completing the day's agenda, writing, "Just got done with work. Leaving for coachella soon!!!"
credit - gossip center


  1. Audrina is...... wow! supersexy!

  2. Great photos. I hope Season 6 has lots of scenes like this one and no yelling and drama.

  3. kristin is so cute...

  4. Just imagine....just got off work (shopping at Chanel) now off to Coachella.(btw luv Kristin)

    ok now, wtf (random castmember)

    We're all so glad the show is ending because we work 3 days a week for a few hours, and have to do things like, eat at restaurants, go to clubs and shop at couture boutiques. And then get paid thousands of dollars for it. I can't wait to get into the real world and get paid $9/hr and work 40-50 hrs a week at a soul draining job where the boss yells at everyone and need to get an operation because I'll get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. So exciting!!!!!!!!