Friday, April 16, 2010

Roxy Olin: Adam Divello "Is Nothing But Professional"

The City star Roxy Olin told Crushable today that she was surprised to learn that Heidi Montag was accusing Adam DiVello of sexual harassment. Roxy, who has worked closely with the creator of The Hills on its New York-based spin off, said Adam was always professional with her.
“Adam would never ever do that, from my experience with him, to any of us,” Roxy said. “He is very much a father figure and he is nothing but professional. We’re all his children in a certain way. He sees us in a specific manner and its very professional. He’s close to us and works on us on our real life. [Heidi's allegations were] really shocking to me…It was so out of character that it was really weird to read. He’s a very good boss and very professional.”
News broke yesterday that Heidi was planning to sue Adam after he allegedly inappropriately touched her at a Hills photo shoot last month. “Adam came up to her from behind and grabbed [Heidi] with one hand on her stomach and one hand directly on her butt cheek,” a source told Life & Style.
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