Friday, April 16, 2010

Roxy Olin: Dishes on 'The City Season 2'

In an interview with Crushable, Roxy dishes on the new season of The City (beginning April 27), her relationship with her People’s Revolution boss Kelly Cutrone (Roxy says she works there part time), her personal style and what it’s like to grow up in Hollywood. Here's an excerpt:

On what we can expect from her this season:
“This season I’m really trying to find me here. Last season I was so quick when I moved, I was staying with Whitney, I didn’t have a place yet, didn’t really have my job settled, I was like a fish out of water here. This season I bring a lot more of myself. I still work a lot with Whitney on her line, but I kind of go off on my own adventure, and play boss for awhile. I’m really trying to follow Kelly and learn the PR world. But I also direct some shoots and get involved with the photographer.We’ll see if my boyfriend (Alex Lobel, who she started dating in January) comes on. I’ve brought him onto the show. So it’s a little bit more about my personal life. I think you see the progression of someone coming from L.A. or somewhere else and really trying to get it together here. You see a little bit more of me trying to find myself here….What’s really weird is, I think, you’re going to see some other boys before [Alex] came along, so I’m really nervous about that. He’s going to flip.”

On working with Kelly Cutrone:
“Kelly is very maternal. She really takes care of all of us and that was why when her show came out I was excited about it because that’s kind of the one aspect of her that kind of gets lost in translation when you’re watching The City. You don’t get to see the maternal side. A lot of the time when you see her being so harsh, she’s trying to teach us a lesson but you don’t always get her then coming and saying, ‘Sorry I overreacted.’ She is a mother like that. First she’ll get on a roll, and she does go on her tangents, and that is honest. She’ll get started with me, and I think she’ll forget what she’s yelling at me about even. And then she goes on a whole rampage, but it’s always in a really loving way, and I think that’s an aspect you get to see on her show and in her book because a lot of the time her message is out of a really deeply maternal side. And she has a lot of advice to give, at all times.”

On her own personal style:
“I think on the show I’ve been really trying to define my style because all the girls are trying to make sure we stand out in some way. I try to go a little bit for the rock and roll and then I’ll add a little hippie. I was raised listening to The Rolling Stones and Joni Mitchell. My dad is a huge Rolling Stones fan, Mick Jagger was like God when I was young. I was in a leather jacket by the age of 3. And then my mom was hippie-ish…I love vintage. Everything that I have that I worship of mine is $20. My favorite dress that I have that wear in the summer was like $18, and I’ve had it for five years. And then you can mix it with something nicer, like a leather jacket. But I always lose those pieces, and then I hate myself…I always think that the best bet is to get a lot of great vintage and then you mix it with a major leather jacket and those one pieces you can get and you spoil yourself on because you just can’t help it, or shoes or something. I’m big on shoes because my leather jackets will always go missing.”
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