Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spiedi holed up in ‘unkempt and unsafe home’

Heidi Montag is trapped inside Spencer Pratt’s prison. At least that’s how Life & Style is putting it. Pratt is barely leaving the house, and he’s making Heidi stick close to his side. Furthermore, he’s brought a former Marine in to be their roommate (he’s taking up residence in the spare bedroom).
“It’s true, I do have a Marine in the house,” Spencer told Life & Style. “He’s helping me write a script. And yes, we’ve been out of the house only three times this month, but that’s because I’m busy working on several business ventures.”
Life & Style goes on to say that the couple is not living in the lavish Hollywood Hills, Calif., home that’s featured on “The Hills,” but instead is in an “unkempt and unsafe home” in Pacific Palisades.
“The living room is filled with Spencer’s mess, which Heidi often has to clean up,” according to the magazine. And Spencer lines the window with crystals, which he believes will keep bad spirits out but keep Heidi locked in,” according to a source who spoke to the magazine.
Pratt did not respond to requests for comment about the claims.
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  1. seriously shouldnt he be put in a mental institution, he is mentally ill

  2. Please no "poor Heidi" comments. That girl has been rotten since season 2. Nobody made her MARRY the jerk. Like she says, she's a 'grown up married woman' so she knows everything. She is just as fame hungry, self-centered, back stabber who makes excuses for his behavior. She sits there like it's no big deal when he freaks out. I'm sure they sold that story themselves. They've been out filming Snooky's ex-boyfriend. And they were at camp Pendleton.

  3. Pacific Palisades is still a pretty nice's like their trying to make it out as a bad area or something lol

  4. agree with 1:41

  5. well said 1:41, everything is a "story" with them.

  6. Everything on the HIlls is a sham. Kristin's beach house belonged to a producer. I guess Heidi and Spencer's porno pad also belongs to a producer. Makes total sense.