Monday, June 21, 2010

Heidi and Spencer To Divorce

Knock us over with a feather. TMZ has learned ... Heidi Montag is so serious about ending her marriage to Spencer Pratt, she's already lawyered up and she has a game plan
We've learned Heidi has picked Jodeane Farrell to handle her divorce and this lawyer isn't playing games ... she's already taking steps to get the quickest divorce possible in California.
Farrell -- who has practiced family law for 24 years and currently handles divorce mediations -- will be setting up a meeting with Heidi and Spencer in approximately two weeks. We're told both Heidi and Spencer want the divorce mediated -- meaning the two will try and hash out a property settlement privately, wait the six months required by California law, and end their marriage.
Heidi wants Farrell to be the mediator, provided Spencer is down with it. Farrell is a longtime friend of the Montag family, but she tells TMZ she doesn't think there will be a problem in mediating the deal.
Farrell plans to meet with Heidi and Spencer together, and if he's on board she'll schedule a meeting with their accountant to go over assets and liabilities.
And Farrell says ... so far things are "very amicable" between Heidi and Spencer.

Geez! Is there no end to the publicity ploys? They are obviously still together. How sad that they are willing to go through with a divorce just so they can make money off of this story and Heidi's new reality show. Pathetic!
credit - TMZ
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. I don't think they are faking. Dr. Drew said that her decision to get that surgery would make her primary relationship fail. I also believe that Spencer didn't really want her to get the surgery. Then when the publicity of that surgery did not serve them well and the substantial altering of her face was too much their relationship disintegrated. Just my opinion.

  2. 1:22 then why did her tell her she was a perfect 10 after the surgeries?! This is a dude who loves the playmate look. Heidi 2.0 is HIS ultimate fantasy.

  3. hmm interesting view, who knows lol either way they have both gone too far no one will ever like or respect them again, not that we ever did.. i think if they are breaking us heidi should be going back to her home town and make amends with her parents and hopefully find herself again (her pre-hollywood self)

  4. Divorce? Or just more drama? Oh I can never tell with these two.

  5. I think that Spencer wanted to support her decision to alter her face, which led to a lot of his anger outbursts with her family. If you watch her interview with Billy Bush after the surgeries she said Spencer really did not want her to get the surgeries. She also said the same thing to Ryan Seacrest on his radio show. It was probably one of the more honest parts of her interviews. It's worth watching/listening for just that part.

  6. I actually think they're gonna get a divorce... I mean they both freaked out and isn't the persons they were when meeting. But actually I want them to stay married haha Speidi is a freakshow and I love it, though I hate them both!

  7. I'd love for them to be deported, as well.