Monday, June 7, 2010

Lo Bosworth On The 'Hills Finale' and Speidi's Break-up

This summer, after five long seasons, "The Hills" will come to a close on MTV. And according to one of the show's stars, Lo Bosworth, things are ending at a perfect time.
"I'm looking forward to it coming to an end," admitted Bosworth on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. "But it's bittersweet, too. I love the crew, I love MTV. And it's kind of like leaving a family. So it's sad."
But it's unlikely that Bosworth's roommate and former "Hills" star Lauren Conrad will be making an appearance on the show's final episode.
"I don't think she's coming back. That ship has sailed," Bosworth said.
Of course, we couldn't let the girl go without getting her thoughts on the current Speidi situation -- are Heidi and Spencer really separating?
"No. I don't buy into it at all," Bosworth said definitively. "I'd advise you to not either."
credit - Amy Kaufman @ LA Times,
Thanks to Sarah for the heads up! : )
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