Friday, July 16, 2010

Brody and Avril: NOT Filming a Reality Show

“Avril & Brody’s reality show,” reads the headline of an In Touch story, which goes on to assert, “Brody Jenner has been pitching a reality show about his new romance – now he’s just got to convince his girlfriend Avril Lavigne to co-star.”
According to a so-called “insider,” Jenner “came up with the idea for a reality show, and he’s begging Avril to do it… She’s in love with him, but isn’t sure about it, yet she doesn’t want to tell him no.”
No worries…
Lavigne won’t have to say no, because – contrary to In Touch’s claim that “Jenner has been pitching a reality show” – he is currently NOT trying to peddle a program about their relationship.
Gossip Cop spoke with Jenner’s agent – the guy who would actually be pitching the show – and he assures us Jenner’s not working on a reality show.
credit - Gossip Cop
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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