Friday, July 16, 2010

'Hills' Creator Adam Divello Explains Why Series Ended On Brody Jenner

He's always been there for the girls. Even after ending relationships with both Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari, Brody Jenner was their male bestie: listening to all their boy problems through mascara tears. So, when it came down to the perfect ending for "The Hills," it seemed just right to have Brody be the main focus of it. And, the show's creator, Adam DiVello, gave MTV News the perfect reason why.
"I think in the terms of a 'Sex And The City,' there's always that Mr. Big and I think Brody was our Mr. Big," he explained. "He was our Mr. Big and it's nice that he was there at the end. I feel like [it was like] in the season finale of 'Sex And The City' when [Carrie] kind of looked down and saw her cell phone and saw the last name, that guy was there for the very end."
While we kind of love that reasoning, Adam also enlightened us to what Brody, and Kristin for that matter, were like that final day of shooting for that sort of magical, and sort of surreal, "Hills" final scene.
When we showed up to Paramount that day we kind of walked Brody through it, and he was shocked," he recalled of shooting the finale. "I believe Kristin kind of started to cry a little bit. I think she was surprised when she showed up as well. We had a great time. [Viewers wondered,] 'Were these things shot on soundstages or were they shot in their apartments?' But I think everyone knows it was a reality show, obviously."
What do you think of comparing Brody to Mr. Big: fair or unjust? Did you like that the finale ended on him?
credit - Jocelyn Vena @ mtv
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. SO, they were shot on soundstages and not apartments? That's disappointing!

  2. Sorry, but NO ONE can be compared with Mr. Big... especially BRODY! Hahaha
    Just saying...

  3. Yea i think the ending was as best as could be, considering k was the female lead, i was defenatly not expecting this ending.

  4. Nah i dont think that makes sense cause Kristin was only on for a very short time and they never really had that spark together anyway i thought (always seemed kinda forced)so if they wanted a Mr Big style charged final scene they should have brought back LC to do it with Brody and that would have been GOLD!!!.