Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brody Jenner Reveals Alternate 'Hills' Ending With Lauren Conrad

"The Hills" bid a fond farewell on Tuesday night with a somewhat surreal last scene, featuring Brody Jenner and Kristin Cavallari on what is revealed to be a fake Hollywood backdrop. But Jenner said there was an even more baffling ending planned, involving another of his exes.
He revealed to MTV News backstage at the aftershow party that it included some face time with Lauren Conrad, who did make an appearance on the aftershow.
"We filmed a couple different endings and we didn't know which one they were gonna use. There were some other ones that were great as well," Brody teased about the LC ending. "One of the other endings, Lauren was in it. She had come back into the show for the last episode. I come back home, and basically Lauren's at my place [and I tell her about saying goodbye to a friend]. We filmed this whole lovey-dovey scene as if me and Lauren had been together this entire time. So it was another fun, cool ending. ... I think they thought it would confuse the viewers."
"That day of filming it was surreal to me because they wouldn't tell me what we were filming," he continued. "I think the show has always battled with what's real and what's fake, and this ending was perfect because you still don't know what was real, what was fake and it's kind of like L.A. in a sense. I thought it was very clever and I was happy with it. I was stoked they were ending it with me. I was flattered."
So is it real? Well, yes and no. "I would say it's entertainment and just enjoy it; don't question it too much. There were a lot of moments that were real and a lot of moments that were not so real."

credit - mtv
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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  1. So, did Lauren actually film the scene?