Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Spencer Pratt Kicked Out of Hills Finale

Spencer Pratt wasn't with the rest of The Hills gang at Tuesday's series finale party in Hollywood -- but he made sure his presence was felt.
Dressed as an elderly man with a bushy grey wig and beard, crystals around his neck, Pratt held court outside the Roosevelt hotel (where the afterparty was taped) surrounded by perplexed fans. The reality villain -- along with Emilio, ex-boyfriend of Jersey Shore's Snooki -- tried to crash the screening. Security police eventually escorted him from the hotel property.
"I wasn't invited to that party, so I'm having my own party with the people on the Hollywood Walk of Stars!" Pratt, 26, explained to Perez Hilton on camera.
He added: "I spend a lot of time being hated and I feel like I want a little closure."
As he posed for pictures with fans and signed autographs, Pratt promised, "[Now] you will see the real Spencer Pratt. I'm legally released now to be free in America. Freedom of speech. So you can hear my obnoxoius mouth on a whole, grander scale
Where was his estranged wife Heidi Montag? "She's...I dunno, with puppies."
When Hilton asked if Montag was invited, he quipped, "No, she was not. LC does the list," referring to his age-old grudge against former star Lauren Conrad.
Roosevelt insiders tell that Pratt tried to buy drinks for the entire bar at the hotel that afternoon -- but his card was declined.
The star has been increasingly erratic as The Hills wound down this year: following his wife's drastic plastic surgery procedures, an odd foray into expensive New Age crystals, and estrangement from friends and family, Pratt left the show after allegedly threatening a female producer. He and Montag subsequently filed for divorce, although many smell a publicity stunt.

I never usually post photos of Spencer but this was too ridiculous not tO. I think the disguise looks just like him - only 10 years down the line ;) LOL

credit - Us Weekly
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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