Thursday, July 8, 2010

Heidi Montag Reportedly Wants To Undo Surgery!

Hit The Reset Button?
Heidi Montag, the reality TV actress who landed on the cover of People magazine by putting herself through a day-long plastic surgery marathon, reportedly now regrets what she did.
A “source close to the reality star” says that the star of “The Hills” is thinking of having last year’s surgical changes reversed now that she is separated from her husband, Spencer Pratt, whom she says was the driving force behind her surgical makeover.
The source told the British magazine Heat: “She’s thinking about a plastic surgery make-under now that she’s separated from Spencer.
“He was the one who wanted her to get the work done. She knows she went too far, and she feels stupid.”
Pratt denies that he urged her to change her body, by the way.
“I try to stop her,” Pratt said earlier. “She wants her doctor to come over once a week to plump up her lips. I keep telling her that they’re big enough and that she doesn’t need it.”
Celebrity watchers will be forgiven for thinking that this gossip is merely the latest round in an aggravatingly successful and seemingly endless publicity campaign. This latest burst of gossip comes at a time when Montag is recording a second CD to follow up on the commercial failure of her first one.
Montag’s idea of undergoing extensive surgeries to undo the work of her previous excessive surgeries isn’t a step in the right direction.
“She has had a lifetime of cosmetic plastic surgery in two years,” plastic surgeon and blogger Dr. John Di Saia of San Clemente and Anaheim said earlier. “It is quite possible that the woman needs some professional help.”
Even if she’s actually considering reversing the work that Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan did, not all of those procedures are reversible.
1. Mini-browlift. That lift wasn’t done for the usual reason, to combat signs of aging. Instead, in effect it gave her the face of a different person. Unfortunately, the new person looks humdrum — just another Hollywood blonde without distinctive features. And now she can’t get her old face back.
2. Botox. That wore off months ago.
3. Nose job. She can’t get her old nose back.
4. Chin reduction. She thought she had a “Jay Leno chin.” Now she has a forgettable chin, but she wants to put in a chin implant to restore what she used to have?
5. Liposuction on neck. She’d put the fat back in???
6. Buttock augmentation. She’d have her buttocks reduced?
7. Ear surgery. She thought she had “Dumbo ears” and wanted them turned into “sexy ears.” She’s going to reverse that??
8. Breast augmentation. She got Size DDD breasts and said she wanted them even larger. Now apparently she wants a more normal bust.
9. Fat injections in cheeks, nasolabial fold and lips. That may wear off, but it really can’t be sucked back out. Each of those features was fine before, but now she has chubbier cheeks, poutier lips and shallower folds between nose and corners of the mouth.
10. Liposuction on waist, hips, inner and outer thighs. She’d put that fat back too??
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~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. I know, i agree. Poor little girl...

  2. She was so pretty before she had all of this done. Some people focus too much on their own imperfections that they dont realize how beautiful they already are. Plastic surgery is done to make people to bring out their natural beauty. Its a scary risk to undo what shes done, she might make it worse! I say cut your losses Heidi.