Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lauren Conrad: New Kohl's Promos


  1. They really make those clothes look good in the promos. In real life, in the store, they are crap! Horrible fabric and horrible sizing.

  2. Don't understand the size issue?? never had a problem with that. Some of the fabric is polystery but what do you expect for $25? I like that it's a affordable and Kohls often has 40% off deals. .

  3. For fun I tried on a couple different styles of her jeans while I was in the States. I only wear Paige Premium Denim, because of my short waist/no ass situation. Paige retails around $200. (But I buy them on sale or ebay etc).

    Well, I actually bought a pair of Laurens skinny jeans and may get another in another wash. I found them very comfortable and look surprisingly awesome. Flattering, a little higher waisted but still below the belly and muffin tops and showing your undies when you bend over are no longer issues.

    You may find one thing out of a whole collection (as with lots of brands) and then with the money you saved you can buy MORE clothes.

  4. I personally really like this brand. I bought a pair of pencil jeans there are they are really flattering.

    I actually like the sizing because they run bigger so I am able to get smaller sizers. It is a confidence booster!