Thursday, July 29, 2010

'The Hills' Cast Gets a 'Jersey Shore' Makeover

So remember when "The Hills" ended, and the camera focused in on Brody Jenner, and the Hollywood sign backdrop was wheeled away revealing a backlot and it was all confusing and nobody really knew what it meant (except maybe Justin Bobby because he hides all those secrets in his hair)?
Well, it's actually pretty simple, really. The cast of "The Hills" is relocating to Miami (better hawk that plane to ticket to Europe, Kristin), where they'll go to the gym, do laundry and tan. They'll suck on pickles like a pregnant woman in her third trimester, fist pump like champs and creep on every guidette and juicehead in a six-mile radius of South Beach. Wait—what did you say? That's "Jersey Shore"? Oh, shoot—we already created the graphics for the new and improved "Hills." Sheesh, well, before you tune into the "Jersey Shore" premiere tonight, check out what could have been (including a Snooki-fied Heidi Montag).
Featuring Lauren "LC" Conrad as J-Woww, Spencer Pratt as The Situation (he wishes! lol) Brody Jenner as DJ Pauly D, Kristin Cavallari as Angelina, Audrina and Justin as Sammi and Ronnie and Jason Wahler as Vinny.

Hilarious but kind of odd that they included Jason don't you think?
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~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. Spencer actually looks good for a change LOL

  2. omg, look at Justin Bobby. :DDD