Friday, July 30, 2010

Audrina Patridge: Dishes on Justin Bobby and Her Current Beau Corey Bohan

Audrina Patridge is all smiles as she arrives back at her hotel after a day of photoshoots around London.
In a recent interview with BANG Showbiz Audrina reported that despite dating her ex Justin Bobby on-and-off for over four years, she never really got to know the real Justin because he was always playing out a different part for her and the cameras.
Audrina said: "I don't see him anymore, no. I saw him at the finale but that was it. I feel like every time I see him, he looks like somebody different. He is attractive. But it's like he's always in character."
The former couple's on/off romance was heavily featured in the MTV reality show, with their frequent break-ups and make-ups keeping fans tuning in week after week.
However, Audrina says the constant camera presence put a huge strain on their relationship, and she wishes they hadn't been as open about their romance.
She said: "It was really hard. That's one bit of advice I'd give anybody about to appear in a reality show - don't bring anyone that your dating onto the show if you really like them. It just makes it awkward, because when you're on camera, it's almost as if you're having two different relationships. That's what started happening to me. Two or three months later they'd show those episodes where I was talking to the girls about what happened, then he'd be like, 'I can't believe you said that!' And it causes a fight, because of that."
Rows between the pair often escalated in front of the cameras, and Audrina admits she would have done anything for some privacy.
She explained: "Oh I would try to run away from the cameras and they would chase me. There's no getting away from them. I would take my mic off and shout, 'Stop, go away'. But there was nothing I could do. I signed the contract."
As for her current love life Audrina is dating Australian BMX rider Corey Bohan and she says "it's the best it has ever been."
She tweeted about him last night:
"Excited for @xgames tomorrow night to see my bro-n law @kylelozaNSD kick butt !!and my love @Corey_Bohan win sat:)!!<3say a lil prayer:)xo"
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