Friday, July 30, 2010

Whitney Port Interview

Michiel At scored an interview with the lovely Whitney Port. Check it out below: Let’s start with The City. How do you feel about sharing a part of your life with the camera’s?
It is always a mix of positive and negative for me. While I love being able to share my life and my passion (designing clothes) with everyone, it is also sometimes a little daunting to force myself to be that vulnarable. It is a sense of privacy that I have to give up but the sacrifice is very worth it. Have you ever thought appearing on reality shows was a wrong decision?
Never! I have been so lucky with all of the opportunities I have been handed because of it. After seeing the final episode of season 2, everybody was a bit shocked about what happened between you and Kelly. How is your relationship with Kelly at the moment?
My relationship with Kelly is totally fine. We totally understand the situation and she continues to be a mentor and consultant on my line and my life! If there is coming a third season of The City, what do you think we will get to see?
You will continue to see the evolution of my line! The spring collection! All else is so up in the air! Did you expected to become this famous after showing up on reality shows?
I never expected the famous aspect to be as big as it is! It is so surreal to think that I started as a measly intern at Teen Vogue and now have my own line which is featured on a tv show worldwide, so bizarre and sometimes I feel I am not worthy of all of it. What’s the biggest thing a fan ever did to you?
Make this fan site! I am so honored and flattered! Has the relationship between you and your family changed when you started filming The Hills and The City?
It has not changed a bit… My family are my backbone, my main support system. If they feel as if I am stepping out of line they make sure to bring me right back into “reality”. Has your family always supported your choice to become a reality tv star and fashion designer?
They are extremely supportive! We are the best team around! Where do you find your inspiration for the collections of Whitney Eve?
I get inspiration from almost anything every minute of the day. Whether I am looking a magazine, taking pictures of random people on the streets, recognizing colors in flowers and watching how waves crash, I am inspired by so much!
W-D.ocm: What can we expect in the upcoming collections of Whitney Eve?
A good mix of Los Angeles and New York feminity and sophistication. Fun patterns, soft fabrics and interesting textures.

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