Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Heidi & Spencer: How We Blew Through $10 Million Dollars

And the award for biggest idiots of 2010 goes to...drum roll please...Speidi!
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are apparently dead broke and living at Spencer's parents house.
In the new issue of Life & Style magazine, the worlds most annoying couple admits they blew through $10 million dollars.
After spending $35,000 per month on rent for their Malibu pad, $3 million on Heidi’s "music career," renting studios and paying producers, spending hundreds of thousands on Heidi’s surgeries and aftercare, six cars, healing crystals and private jets the fame hungry couple now owe $2 million in taxes, are considering filing for bankruptcy and are homeless.
“We were immature, worrying too much about the famous part instead of the actual business part,” Spencer tells Life & Style. “In hindsight, we shouldn’t have spent any of our money. We should have been low-key and saved.” Spencer continues, ““We spoke with a bankruptcy attorney and I’ve looked into unemployment checks.”
He added, “We thought The Hills was going to be like 90210 and we’d have another five to 10 years,” Spencer says. “The ratings were consistent. But we never saw Jersey Shore coming. Before, TV audiences were fine with seeing us all argue, but now they want you to punch one another in the face and hook up with three different people. Our cast was a bit boring and snoozeworthy in comparison. No wonder we got canceled.”
Spencer claims they're now living at his parent’s house in their guesthouse—a studio apartment. “My parents are my lifeline.” And for once, his statements aren’t an exaggeration. “Spencer’s parents go to the grocery store for us once a week and that’s all we get.”
Sounds hard to believe that someone can blow through $10 mil, but Heidi's so called music career was definitely a bad move. Spending half a million on crystals wasn't a bright idea, and Heidi's shoe and handbag collection would have sent anyone into bankruptcy.
Sadly no one even cares about these two anymore. After all the surgeries, fake breakup and non stop publicity, we're just over Speidi. And in case you're wondering, they didn't even get the cover for their sad story, they just got a small picture on the side.

Funny, they had enough money to live lavishly in Costa Rica all summer but now they are destitute? And Heidi was just spotted carrying one of her Birkins last month, she has 6! If they were truly broke wouldn't they be auctioning off all their valuables?
Despite the fact that I think this story is total BS, I'll still be buying the mag and will scan it in as soon as I get it. : ) lol
credit - Hollyscoop
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. it is b.s. spencer invested in real estate.

  2. I don't think it's BS. I think the tax man caught up to them and they can't pay the bill. Remember Richard Hatch from Survivor?

  3. well if its true, time to get real jobs like the rest of us... lol not going to feel sorry for them it was all their doing!