Friday, July 31, 2009

Audrina Patridge interview: on the Carl Jr's commericial to her new reality show

Who knew eating a hamburger could have such long-lasting repercussions?

Audrina Patridge was at the opening of the Del Mar Raceway in San Diego, where FOX411's Crystal Fambrini was trying to conduct a serious, wide-ranging interview with the reality star on world affairs, health care reform, and the whereabouts of Michael Jackson's body, only to be drowned out by men hooting and yelling "Carl's Jr's!"

"Even my family, when I go home for barbeque's, they're like, 'Audrina look at this!' and they make fun of me!" she told FOX411.

Audrina also talked about the sexy, equestrian-themed photo shoot she did for 944 Magazine that had to be scrapped because it was, well a little too sexy.

click the video for more of Crystal's fun interview with Audrina.

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