Friday, July 31, 2009

Who is Corey Bohan?

We all know him as the hot guy Audrina is dating but who exactly is Corey Bohan?

Born on January 15, 1982, BMX rider Corey Bohan is from Brisbane, Australia. He grew up riding and built dirt jumps in an empty lot down the street from his house as a kid. He entered his first competition, the Planet X Games in Brisbane, at 17 as a wild card, and made it all the way to the finals.

Corey Bohan’s success continued from there. In 2006, he became the first rider to win a third consecutive gold medal in BMX Freestyle Dirt at the 2006 Summer X Games in Los Angeles, CA. In an interview from 2006, he said riding BMX for a living was like a dream, and he was fearful his alarm would go off and wake him up.

He ventured here in 2002 with the help of fellow Aussie rider Colin Mackay, as Corey Bohan did not have full sponsor support. Corey worked a carpentry apprenticeship until he was able to save enough money to come to the States for six months.

Corey Bohan splits his time between Brisbane Australia and California.

Music: Thrash Metal and Classic Rock
Heroes: My family and Rodger Federer
Favorite Movies: Dumb n Dumber and The Wedding Singer
Favorite Word: Sick, mate!
Favorite Food: Jack Daniels and chicken strips from TGI Fridays
Favorite Video Game: Virtua Tennis


  1. they make a gorgeous couple

  2. Corey is very cute! Big upgrade from Justin-Bobby!