Friday, July 31, 2009

Brody Jenner and Jayde Nicole: trouble in paradise?

Surprisingly there have been very few tweets from Jayde Nicole talking about her "boy" lately.

On July 26th she twittered:
Wow what a night haha I love @BrodyJenner @ Kristin Cavallari @SaraJeanPMOY2007 @AmyLynnGrover @TaylorMosher @FrankieDelgado GREAT TIMES :)

but since then she has been rather reflective:

July 27th
"You don't choose who you love..... So true"

July 29th
Live, Learn, Grow and Move forward.... Off to see my trainer, workout time.

July 30th
Getting ready to go to the X games 3D movie premier... Will this week ever end!!?? SO tired!

Brody twittered (not quite sounding like his normal happy self either)
"Sorry I have not been twittering but dealing with a lot of stuff.. At the X games and this is insane!"

What do you think? Is there is trouble in paradise....

Below: Photos of Jayde at the opening of Upstair Boutique on 7/30 in West Hollywood

Credit - celeb city


  1. ^^Maybe for now but I have a feeling they will be on and off again. She seems like the type who brings high drama.

  2. ooh ive been wondering about that!

  3. I thought that yesterday too! I hope they're broken up. I wouldn't be surprised if Lauren and Kyle are broken up too.

  4. Kel, jayde was on twitter an hour ago talking about her boy. lol think she is stalking your page?
    i think they are broken up too and are just being a couple for filming, kinda like kristin and jb, ewwwwwww!