Monday, November 30, 2009

Q&A with The Citys Roxy Olin

The Season 1, Part 2 finale of The City airs tomorrow night (Tuesday, December 1 at 10:30 pm ET), so J-14 caught up with Whitney Port's pal Roxy Olin to chat about the show before the finale airs December 1 on MTV. J-14 talked to Roxy about the reality show, what Whitney's really like, and why she's waiting to see The Twilight Saga: New Moon!
J-14: Are you happy to be on The City over The Hills?
Roxy Olin: Yes. I know the people from L.A., and they have a great thing going, but if I were to enter now it would be really hard. What I love about being in New York is that I get to work for Kelly Cutrone and in fashion, and I really love New York City!
J-14: What is Whitney like off-camera?
Roxy: Whitney's a goof ball -- she's so much fun. She's really spontaneous, and I don't think they show that [side] much. She parties harder than I do and they don't make it look like that! She's definitely a fun, spontaneous girl.
J-14: What's the best place to visit in New York City?
Roxy: The ice skating rink [at Rockefeller Center].
J-14: Are you excited for the New Moon premiere?
Roxy: I'm pretty excited. I won't go for a little bit until it calms down, but I'm going to go because I gush over Edward. I'm not normal at all!
J-14: Are there any rumors you really want to clear up?
Roxy: I'm not dating Justin Bobby!
credit - J-14

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