Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Episode Discussion

What did you think of tonight's episodes?


  1. well, i think Kristin is DELUSIONAL 'cause she thinks that the whole universe revolves around her tiny ass head! what's her basis for accusing Stephanie of spreading rumors? really??? how immature can you be??

    BTW, Spencer's crystals have fried his brains out. next headline, he shoots Heidi and himself with all those guns of his. i think his the one on CRACK!!!

  2. Olivia is a MAJOR B_I_T_C_H!!! she's not even relevant enough to be in that meeting! she's such a joke! yes she's pretty and has "style" but super brainless! BWAHAHAHAHA!

  3. I caught bits and pieces of the later eppy and this show just sucks anymore! Kristin may have been doing drugs, may not have. Stephanie looked to sincerely want to apologize at the 'dinner' and Kristin kept harping on the issue. WTH is wrong with Spencer? He looked cracked-out in this eppy, or maybe he has just completedly cracked-up.

  4. ya, Olivia is a bitch, that's for sure. People think she has such great style, but that doesn't make up for a great person on the inside. How old is she anyways? She dresses like she is 45 years old.

    I don't know what to think of the whole drug rumors--why is everyone blaming Stephanie? I don't understand that whatsoever. Poor Steph!

  5. I love Kristin! but i feel everyone should be blaiming Lo's punk ass she kinda started it! And when Kristin came up to them she was quiet! I actually blogged a recapp of the city and the hills episodes tonight you should come check it out everybody! I have no followers feeling a little pathetic! but thanks ;)
    O yea and Olivia is a totall bitch how does she live with herself!

  6. My thoughts: Heidi looked like a blowup doll and Spencer is the one on drugs!

    Yeah Olivia came off as a bitch but that's what she was hired for.

    I've had it with the drug rumors. Why is the whole cast so intent on discussing it ad nauseum complete with twitter war? It reeks of a publicity stunt. This is a classic Speidi move and why would you want to imitate them? Ick!

  7. EVIL + fashion = OLIVIA PALERMO.. bwahahaha..
    Spencer is even better than her... uhmm well not really.. both of them are disgusting!! hahaha

  8. I was pretty disappointed in 'The Hills'
    Am I the only one over the drama? There are only 10 episodes left, I'd love to see them concentrate on the friendships, the fun, and the shopping!
    My favorite parts of the episode: Ryan talking about how Audrina kept calling him after they 1st met and Audrina saying 'OK, you can stop talking now' so cute and funny, and the girls comforting Stephanie after Spencer's tirade.
    The rest was kind of wasted on me, I'm over Kristin's outbursts and the Brody/Audrina scripted storyline. Audrina has an actual relationship going on, why not focus on that instead? It's been ages since there was actual romance on the show. C'mon mtv is this the best you can do?!

  9. I feel bad for Steph. Everyone makes mistakes (DUI) but her brother is an a-hole. No one should be treated like that, especially by your own brother.

    My question is WTH did Heidi have on? That was so inappropriate for a back yard BBQ. Ughghghgh, I wish MTV would get rid of these two nutcases.

  10. The city: I actually liked this episode more than the first episode. Sometimes Whitney just comes off too boring, but I liked her more in this episode. I also like the part in the boardroom where Erin is defending Whitney line, she is very aggressive in a good way.

    The hills: I think its stupid for Kristen to blame Lo and Stephanie when they were the ones, who confronted her about the rumors in Miami. Their were other people in Miami who saw her partying too and for her just to assume its them is strange.

    Brody was kind of annoying in this episode, he was creating useless drama. At the barbeque did he not shake Ryans house?...rude

    As for Heidi, I feel sorry for this girl. Its really sad to watch what she has become and who she is married to.