Tuesday, May 4, 2010

'The Hills' Cast on Extra

"Extra's" Lauren Sanchez sat down with "The Hills" stars, Brody Jenner, Audrina Patridge and Kristin Cavallari, who responded to accusations that executive producer Adam DiVello had been inappropriate with Heidi Montag
Brody calls Adam "one of the nicest guys," who is not at all inappropriate. Audrina told Sanchez that she and the producer managed to butt heads, but that he'd never been inappropriate, nor is he ever there while on set filming.
Kristin, however, had a different opinion of DiVello. "I filmed with Heidi recently and he was on set that day. He's never there on set when we're (Audrina and Brody) there. Who knows, who knows what's true or not."

Cavallari, like Heidi, has also been a hot media target, with rumors flying that she's struggling with a drug problem. She accuses DiVello of not having her back in the press, saying, "He's not my favorite person. I'm gonna be honest. He has good ratings because (we're on) the cover of Us Weekly -- at my expense."
When the magazine asked MTV to comment, they wouldn't respond. "Which might as well be saying she has a drug problem. They didn't have my back whatsoever," said Cavallari.
credit - audrinapatridge.com, extratv.warnerbros.com
~Kelli at Hills Freak

Wow on Kristin's comments. I think it's a pretty sh*tty move on her part. Thoughts?


  1. I agree Kelli. Kristin knew what she was getting into when she signed on so she needs to stop acting all innocent and hard done by. & yeah they did have her back actually- they gave her a job on TV when no one else would.
    Just cause theyve decided to finish up the show doesnt give her licence to start bagging her bosses out, its bad form. Grow and show some class woman.

  2. If every tabloids were saying that I am doing drug when it is not true, I would be pretty pissed too...
    And we all know that MTV is not so innocent, I think they started this rumor to attract more viewers.
    I think they did the same thing for the sex tape rumor (Lauren), and also for the supposedly affair between Lauren and Justin
    I don't understand why everyone hate Kristin, I like her, she is honnest, she likes to party, and she seems nice...

  3. I love Kristin BUT what she said was lousy. Yeah, it's a crappy rumor, so what? Celebs deal with this stuff all the time. Issue a denial through your rep and move on. If asked about the rumor directly say the rumors are ridiciulous, next question. Harping on the issue, blaming others and trash talking on Adam isn't going to endear her to anybody. And this is coming from a fan!

  4. 3:14
    Actually I really like Kristin but why call out Adam Divello for something that has nothing to do with him? The rumours started months ago, right after all the Superbowl parties in Miami. Yes, Us Weekly is rehashing them but they tend to do that. I think Kristin should hold her head high up high and stop fanning the flames by talking it up and assigning blame. There have been much worse rumours out there - just ask Lauren!

  5. Way to throw Adam under the bus Kristin.
    I'm sorry but you knew EXACTLY what yo were getting into. Stop crying about it.

  6. Maybe, but I think that MTV started all those rumors about the sex tape, Justin Bobby and Lauren, Kristin doing coke...
    Imagine her family...if you were reading everywhere that your child is an addict, yould probably be worried, you would cried and then ask her if it's true or not...I mean I really understand why she is mad...I would have been mad too...

  7. I think MTV started the rumors too. Lo pretty much said so on her twitter. That the person was unknown in Hills World. However, Kristin does need to move on. She's denied it, her rep has issued a statement denying it. Lets move on!

    She did throw Adam under the bus saying he was there the day she and Heidi were filming. I just think these kids lack gratitude and aren't relatable. Lauren was grateful for all her opportunities and showed so by working hard. What are these people doing all day?

  8. i dont know, i think MTV has always exploited kristin and the kids even from the start, with little concern for their reputations. kristin has made comments in the past regarding the fact that they should have been more careful with them. so this is a longtime opinion of hers only confirmed by the way she has been treated through the drug situation. i dont know what she expected MTV to do though. of course theyre going to capitalize on it, just like they capitalized on her being a bitch. THE BITCH IS BACK.

  9. I don't understand why everybody keep seeing Lauren as an angel...she is human and she does make mistakes too...if you remember Laguna Beach she slept with stephen while he was with Kristin...Lauren is successful because of the way she was portrayed by MTV, they always presented her as "the good girl" )...I mean that helps Mark to choose who could be their new face (plus she is very good looking).
    Kristin said that she wants to produce, she has 2 ideas about reality shows she is working on...Stephanie is working on her handbag line...Audrina is working on her tv show...I guess they are all working hard ...some are just more successful than others

  10. 10:54
    no one said Lauren is an angel. But for some reason more people relate to her. I don't think either girl had great edits on Laguna. Kristin came off as bitchy and Lauren came off as insecure and desperate by chasing after Stephen.

  11. I think Kristen is in the right 100%
    Yes it's just a rumour. Yes it was probably made up from either the cast or the producers to gt more viewers and better ratings. However the Hills has been airing for awhile now which means she has worked with MTV and Adam Divello for some time now. When asked if she had a drug problem they should have backed her up and confirmed it was not true. Drug rumours can ruin you career. Since here career on the Hills is coming to an end. I can gaurantee you any new shows will be sketchy on using her if she has a "drug" issue. I would be pissed too. Just don't expect Kristen to stand up for Adam next sexual harrassment charge he is accused of again

  12. Kelli how can you say that Adam Divello had nothing to do with this as though it is a fact? In my opinion, MTV is behind the drug rumors.

    The issue of Kristin and drugs was going to be on the cover of US Weekly back when it was first reported. It got shafted due to a bigger story coming out but either way it was publicity for the show, which MTV wants.

  13. 12:11 I don't think it's fair for Kristin to call out anyone (be it Adam, Stephanie or whoever) if there is no proof. And lets be honest here tabloids have never had any problem coming up with headlines on their own. There will always be someone wanting to sell them a story for a quick buck.
    I like Kristin but I don't think she's doing herself any favours by speaking out the way she has but again that's just my $.02.
    I think the best way to let a rumour die down is to just ignore it and move on. Yes it lousy to have to deal with but a rumour is kind of like a fire, the more energy you give it the more life it takes on.

  14. There are so many tabloid magazines out there that are always posting false rumors. This is just another one of the made up rumors. There other celebrities out there that have dealt with worse rumors than this. I really don’t think the producer of the show has anything to do with this. Someone probably saw her at partying up in Miami and called it in to US weekly. I don’t see a reason why MTV would comment on the drug rumor when they truly don’t know if she does drugs or not, only Kristen knows the truth.

  15. Maybe she does have a drug problem.

  16. Maybe MTV should make a comment like she just did "We cant confirm or deny the drug allegation, but we did see her rubbing something of her nose”

  17. mtv doesn't need to start rumors. the only person who feeds the tabloids is Spencer. they're terrified of the show ending so they planted a story to get better ratings. they do the same thing every season.