Thursday, September 10, 2009

Q&A: Audrina Patridge & Rumer Willis

Q&A: Audrina Patridge & Rumer Willis
In a savvy bit of counter-programming, the remake of 1983 slasher flick Sorority Row opens this weekend. The film’s not being screened for critics, and chances are it won’t win any awards. Still, it’ll have its fans, especially since The Hills star Audrina Patridge and Rumer Willis (Ashton Kutcher’s stepdaughter) are in it. The two, who obviously have different takes on cinema, landed in T.O. recently to promote the flick, but they kept quiet about the killer’s identity.
Do you have a favourite Scream Queen?
Patridge: Rumer is definitely the scream queen in this movie. I think we all kind of got raspy voices from screaming so much. But Rumer definitely gets the award for that.
Willis: Neve Campbell in the Scream series was pretty epic.
(To Patridge) In this movie, there are a lot of jokes about your character’s breast augmentation. Is that you turning the online gossip about you around and winking at the audience?
Patridge: No, it was actually in the script. This movie is very collegey and sorority, so there’s a lot of poking fun at everything.
Favourite horror movie?
Willis: I like classic ones. The Shining is great. And Clockwork Orange. They’re definitely in my top 10.
Patridge: The Exorcist scares me the most, because things like exorcisms really do exist – also I Know What You Did Last Summer and all those movies. Growing up, in high school, I always went to theatres and snuck in to see them. They make you jump and keep you guessing who the killer is.
What would you say is your most killer trait?
Patridge: My eyes. A lot of people say I have cat eyes, because they’re hazel and they change into these weird colours depending on what I’m wearing or the eye shadow I use.
Willis: My scream.
If your life were a slasher movie, who would be the killer?
Willis: I don’t know. I almost wouldn’t want to know, because of the suspense.
Patridge: Justin! He’d be the killer!
Credit - Radheyan Simonpillai for Now Magazine

That line about Justin is hilarious!! : )

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